Stretch-hood machines Lachenmaier

The stretch-hood machine ensures structural integrity of packaging and security of cargo from all the 5 sides. This reduces the risk of its mechanical damage or negative impact as a result of contamination, weather conditions and UV radiation. Excellent cargo stability on the pallet is achieved.

The use of the stretch-hood machine increases productivity and saves packaging materials expenditure. Thus, the result justifies investments in automation. After all, the pallet packaging speed can reach up to 250 pallets per hour.

“Skladpack” company offers expert guidance in choosing the best packaging equipment at the end of the production line. If you would like to improve the presentation of cargo, packaging performance or reduce packaging costs, contact our managers - they will select the best solution specifically for your production.

Power Flex T1

Supplier: Lachenmaier

Type: stretch-hood machine

The most widespread machine on the market from Lachenmeier company, designed for packaging pallets of one or more sizes with slight differences in size.

Most frequently used for packaging beverages, dairy products, insulation materials, chemical products, large household appliances.

“Power Flex T1” system is one of the most universal and is applied for single packaging of goods along with standard pallets. Such equipment is suitable for packaging goods of different sizes and heights that are simply required to be placed on pallets of the appropriate size.

This equipment has at its disposal a unique patented technology of packaging goods to the floor itself. This technology makes it possible to carry out high-quality packaging, while it is considered to be one of the most convenient in technical application. “Power Flex T1" is contemplated as one of the most convenient models on the stretch hood equipment market, and it's characterized by a reliable film feeding system, as well as high-precision equipment, which, owing to sensors, fully controls the packaging process at the appropriate level. Such equipment is considered to be a simple and convenient solution that saves space in production due to its compactness, and also consumes a very limited amount of electricity. “Power Flex T1” is the right choice for the cases when low operating costs and equipment efficiency are a priority in production.

The Power Flex T1 has a capacity of 120 pallets per hour.

Pallet sizes are from 450 x 450 mm up to 1500 x 1300 mm.

Power Flex TL

Supplier: Lachenmaier

Type: stretch-hood machine

Reliable compact machine intended for packaging pallets with products of one or several sizes with small differences in size.

Power Flex TL Performance is 200+ pallets per hour.

It can be configured for operation with four different sizes of films, allowing the machine to automatically select the size of the film with an excellent fit for each pallet.

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood, Power Flex TL is equipped with the patented technology of lowering the top part of the machine down to the floor level for easy maintenance.

The machine serves for packaging small items from 400x400 mm to large blocks of 1600x1400 mm with a maximum height of 3000 mm.

The open frame system and internal conveyor simplify the integration of Power Flex TL into the existing packaging lines. Regardless of whether the pallets arrive with the narrow side or the wide side, the film is automatically rotated in the machine in the direction of the pallet.

It is capable of packaging small items starting from 400x400 mm up to very large units of 1600x1400 mm with a maximum height of 3000 mm.

Multi FleX1

Supplier: Lachenmaier

Type: stretch-hood machine

Flexible solution for high-speed packaging: the machine is capable of packaging up to 250+ pallets per hour. Flexibility lies in the capturing system, where each of the four grippers may be individually adjusted in length and width to adapt to the actual size of the cargo.

Multi Flex1 offers great flexibility with the option of packaging goods of various sizes via universal size film.

Simultaneously, the machine may be equipped with several film rolls, providing the option of packaging various cargo with large variations in size on the fly.

Multi FleX1” model, as opposed to the previous one, is designed for packaging only one size of cargo. However, this equipment has a much faster operation. When packaging goods, the film of the prepared size is used, due to which the process is carried out in a high-speed mode. The equipment enables you to change the prepared rolls of film during the packaging process and thus prolong the work indefinitely.

“Multi FleX1” can be adjusted to the exact dimensions of the goods to be packed by setting the width and length of the future packaging. The equipment is considered to be extremely easy in maintenance. At the same time, material consumption during work is economical and efficient.

Owing to the small size of the equipment, its energy consumption has been significantly reduced. The Multi FleX1 is capable of very fast packaging at speeds of up to 250 pallets per hour.

The machine is capable of packaging pallets from 400x400 mm to 1400x1400 mm.

Multi Flex XL

Supplier: Lachenmaier

Type: stretch-hood machine

The machine is designed for packaging products on large pallets. This model is primarily used in the construction industry for packaging insulation materials, dry construction mixtures, drywall, sandwich panels on the large scale pallets.

Pallet sizes are up to 3200 x 1700 mm.

“Multi Flex XL” model is also considered to be a high speed stretch hood system, but it is intended for packaging bulky goods. The equipment is capable of packaging goods up to 3200 mm in length and 3000 mm in width. “Multi FlexXL” is considered to be the ideal equipment for packaging insulating bags and other similar cargo.

The equipment has a unique patented technology, due to which the film is unwound only during tension, so that the package comes out even and tight throughout the entire perimeter, including the corners of the cargo. Moreover, the film is 30% thicker at corners requiring special protection from damage, which significantly increases the strength of the entire package. In addition, the equipment consumes the film cost-effectively, about 10% less than analogs.

The capacity of the machine can be up to 150 pallets per hour. Owing to the small size of the equipment, its energy consumption has been significantly reduced. “Multi FleX1” is capable of very fast packaging at speeds of up to 250 pallets per hour.

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“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

Lachenmeier is an advanced manufacturer who is engaged in the intellectual manufacturing of modern packaging machines for pallet packaging at the end of the production line.

The company has been running for over 50 years since 1969. It is our key supplier for packaging equipment with film for fastening cargo onto the pallets. We rely on their extensive experience and completely trust in their products. Therefore, the needs and requirements of our customers are implemented in the best possible way, and they have no equal in reliance to flexibility and efficient maintenance. Lachenmeier machines are reliable and economically beneficial.

Stretch hood machines are a universal solution for stabilizing cargo of various shapes.

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