Troax Production Safety

Each and every entrepreneur needs to understand that the security of employees at the enterprise and labor protection is as important as receiving profits and high performance. Industry is a particularly dangerous area of ​​operation, as you have to deal with large assemblies and harmful materials.

In order to avoid accidents in the process of operation, it’s necessary to take care of the standards and means of safety once.

“Skladpack” company proudly presents our customers with the best security systems from a reliable Swedish manufacturer - Troax company.

On our website you will find: protective fences, safety barriers, sliding hinged gates, bumpers, electromechanical safety locks.

Protective fences

Producer: Troax

Product type: protective fences

Protective fences are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive on machinery equipment, ANSI / RIA American standards and CSA Canadian standards. We fully trust Troax company, as their experts constantly work on the optimization of products and system solutions, and all panels, racks and brackets are tested in accordance with the recommendations on impact tests.

Any safety barrier can be adjusted by size, and systems can be combined with each other for creating a final configuration. Wire mesh partitions ensure excellent visibility and ventilation and lightning.


Producer: Troax


The D-Flexx barrier system has been TÜV tested and has a high degree of integrated safety. The installation of the system is very simple, and the cost of its maintenance is minimal. The product is universal, so it can be used in manufacturing, warehouse and logistics sites. Another key advantage is that the size of the barrier may be adjusted, set in various lengths according to your requirements.


Producer: Troax

Product type: LOCKS & SWITCHES

Electromechanical safety locks are a modern version of locks for protective doors. Our website presents various types from Troax company. Depending on the model, they will vary in equipment. For example, they might have a safety switch or they might be controlled by a euro cylinder, and the safety switch will be integrated into the lock itself. The lock may be completed with brackets for switches.

Related materials

“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

The Swedish company Troax has been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for human protection, as well as property and processes protection at the facilities for more than 65 years. Nowadays, the company is the market leader, their products can be found worldwide. The products are presented on all continents and the company has offices and partners in more than 40 countries all around the world.

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