Packaging straps

“Skladpack” company provides a wide range of related materials. You can order first-class raw materials from us, depending on the production conditions and goals, ensuring high production standards with a cost recovery.

We provide the following range of straps for your selection:
1) CFE polypropylene strap (Switzerland),
2) Teufelberger polyester strap (Austria),
3) M.J. MAILLIS steel strap (Greece).

Packaging straps provides high-quality safe transportation of all types of goods on pallets and trays, regardless the weight.

CFE polypropylene strap

Producer: CFE

Product type: polypropylene strap

This strap is manufactured from polypropylene raw materials, and is capable of withstanding a breaking load of up to 350 kg. Polypropylene strap is widely used for storage and transportation of light and medium-weight goods.

Main advantages of PP strap:

- lightweight and compact;
- convenient and simple in operation, no special equipment is required;
- does not rust, does not leave marks on the packaging, does not scratch the goods during transportation and storage;
- looks aesthetically on the packaging and does not spoil the appearance of the goods.

ArticleFormat, mmLength, mBreaking, kgColorCore, mm
53401735 х 0,355.10045white200/190
52701005 х 0,457.00056white200/190
52301115 х 0,457.00060white200/190
52701105 х 0,57.00062white200/190
43801006 х 0,555.00075white200/190
43801326 х 0,55.00072white200/190
68301188 х 0,54.50090white200/190
68301048 х 0,554.000100white200/190
59001889 х 0,44.00080white200/190
59000009 х 0,54.00090white200/190
63001009 х 0,554.000120white200/190
59000049 х 0,553.90095white200/190
59401009 х 0,633.500120white200/190
633000010 х 0,553.200125white200/190
685014012 х 0,63.000140white200/190
608000012 х 0,653.000160white200/190
687000012 х0 ,553.000145white200/190
695010012 х 0,553.000130white200/190
231011012 х 0,52.800120white200/190
614002012 х 0,72.000180white200/190
33321000612 х 0,82.000220white200/190
332022010014 х 0,53.000160white200/190
626000915 х 0,81.600230white406/190
628011416 х 0,81.500250white200/190
622010115 х 0,62.200150white200/190
619000016 х 0,62.500190white200/190

Teufelberger polyester strap

Producer: Teufelberger

Product type: polyester strap

Excellent material for packing bulky and heavy cargo from the Austrian company Teufelberger.

The main advantages of PET strap:

- elastic resilience of this strap is 4 times higher than that of steel and polypropylene;
- is at the same level of breaking load of a steel strap (withstands breaking load up to 1500 kg);
- due to the ability to spring and partially extinguish the force of impact, PET strap protects goods at least two times better than steel;
- resistant to weather conditions and the environment;
- corrosion resistant;
- resistant to direct UV radiation;
- retains the original tensile force in the temperature range from - 15 ° to 70 °.

ArticleTypeFormat, mmLength, mBreaking, kgElongation,%
78389249-2M200 HT DX9,0 х 0,63.20022312
783112811-2M500 SIGMA11 х 0,63.20022512
783112711-2M500 DX SIGMA11 х 0,62.74023812
785132913-3M100 GP DX12,5 х 0,62.70029011
785164516-4M100 GP DX15,5 х 0,62.00035511
785265416-5M100 GP DX15,5 х 0,731.75043911
785165916-5M900 GP DX15,5 х 0,91.50053411
783866416-5M900 HT DX15,5 х 0,91.50053414
783168816-7M100 XT DX SIGMA15,5 х 1,021.20072616
783196119-6M500 XT DX19 х 0,801.30060016
785199519-9M900 GP DX19 x 1,2780093014
783499519-9M900 XT DX SIGMA19 х 1,27800113416
783451425-11M500 XT DX SIGMA25 х 1,0650117916
783353425-13M500 XT DX SIGMA25 х 1,27500145216

M.J.MAILLIS Steel strap

Producer: M.J.MAILLIS

Product type: steel strap

This packaging material is durable and reliable. The strap is manufactured of high quality steel with anti-corrosion coating.

Main advantages of the steel strap:

- resistant to cutting effects of sharp objects;
- does not leave dents as a result of use;
- inexpensive and structurally simple tools and equipment are used for strapping goods with metal strap;
- the use of steel strap for packaging does not require highly qualified personnel;
- can be used in unheated workshops, outdoors in cold weather and in other unfavorable temperature conditions.

Steel strap specification
Strap materialcold rolled steel
Protective coveringpaint + wax
Strap width, mm1619193232
Strap thickness, mm0.
Specific length, m/t1590011000840050004000
Strap breaking force, N68809804130722125026560
Approximate roll weight, kg50

Related materials

“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

Polypropylene strap is convenient when packing boxes with goods – the strap looks neat, does not hide the appearance of the main packaging, and at the same time securely keeps the goods together. Polypropylene banding strap for packaging has a number of advantages over the steel strap, due to which it has become more widespread in the market. Tightening and banding polypropylene straps are used not only for fastening heavy cargo, but are also used in the food industry, woodworking industry and even in the printing industry. The packaging polypropylene strap does not scratch, cut or press the package, as opposed to the steel strap, and besides, such strap is easy to dismantle. An important feature of the packaging PP strap is the stretching of the strap, while the material after stretching does not change its width. Owing to stretching, the strap can tightly strap entire groups of goods, which become securely fastened together.

The sale of polypropylene strap has become popular due to a number of advantages of this packaging material:
- the strap has a light weight and does not take up much space in the warehouse;
- convenient and simple strap operation which does not require any special equipment;
- the strap does not rust, does not leave marks on the packaging, does not scratch the goods during transportation and storage;
- PP strap has the highest durability;
- when the strap breaks, the chances of damage to the package or injury to a person are reduced to zero, which cannot be stated regarding the steel strap;
- polypropylene strap looks aesthetically on the packaging and does not spoil the appearance of the product.

Nowadays, you can find various types of packaging strapes for sale, including colored polypropylene strap, which looks more attractive on the package. The cost of such a packaging polypropylene strap is higher, but it can become part of the factory packaging, perfectly fitting into the general appearance of the product.

PP strap can be fastened in several ways:
- clamping is one of the most popular methods and also the most cost saving. The ends of the strap are held together by metal clamps and held together securely on the package
- yarn method lies in passing a special yarn through the strap, which fastens the ends of the package more reliably. A special tensioner is required for packaging, although the strap in this case adheres more firmly during the transportation of goods
- thermal method allows the ends of the strap to be welded due to the high temperature. Special equipment heats the strap and seals the ends of the packaging, which makes it even more dense and reliable.

If you need to purchase the packaging polypropylene strapping strap, you can always rely on a reliable supplier – “Skladpack” company. We always offer only the current market prices for polypropylene strap, and for bulk orders and long-term cooperation we are ready to provide significant discounts for products.

PET polyester packing strapping strap
Cost saving and robust packaging material – an ideal alternative to steel fastening strap.
Provides high-quality safe transportation of all types of goods on pallets and trays, regardless the weight.
This strap has the main key feature – resistance to UV rays.
Therefore it is successfully applied for packaging and strengthening goods that are stored outdoors for a long time.

8 key benefits of PET strapping strap:
Packing with polyester strap
Resistant to UV rays – maintains its features during prolonged exposure to the open air
Strong and flexible – ideal alternative to steel strap
High operational safety (in comparison with steel strap)
Light weight of bobbin
High resistance to cargo vibrations
Remains robust and does not change its structure under high humidity conditions
Retains properties with temperature changes in the range of -15 ° C to + 70 ° C
Suitable for both machine strapping and hand strapping

Do you need plastic strap for packaging? Call us right now – our managers will place an order as quickly as possible, and in the shortest possible time you will receive the ordered batch of polymer strap without interrupting your operation.

The metal (steel) fastening strap is the most reliable and robust packing material. In numerous sectors, replacing the metal strap with any other packaging material is simply not possible. The resistance of the steel packaging strap to cutting impacts from sharp objects is significantly superior in comparison to other strapes. Relatively inexpensive and structurally uncomplicated (and, therefore, reliable and easy-to-use) tools and equipment are used to strap cargo with metal strap. The application of steel strap for packaging does not require highly qualified personnel. A significant advantage of metal packaging strap over its competitor PET strap is its ability to be applied in all weather conditions, while the use of PET strap in low temperatures faces difficulties. In cold weather, the quality of frictional bonding of PET strap using a hand tool is not high. Steel packaging strap does not have this disadvantage and can be used in unheated workshops, outdoors in cold weather and in other unfavorable temperature conditions.

As a packaging material, metal strap has its own disadvantages. When transporting goods, shaking and pushing cannot be avoided, while the steel strap is irreversibly stretched and the fastening weakens. A robust metal strap cannot extinguish the impact during a strong impact load and breaks. Steel packaging strapes are not highly resistant to moisture and other corrosive environments, and corrosion may occur in unfavorable conditions. Rust from the strap can damage the product. A significant disadvantage can be considered a high risk of injury in the process of removing the metal strap during the cargo unpacking.

As a rule, metal strap is successfully applied where the use of polyester and polypropylene packaging strapes is not possible. If the cargo has sharp edges, or it is very hot, there is no alternative to using a metal strap. Steel packaging strapes are used to strap heavy and overweight cargo during warehousing or in difficult transportation conditions. High-strength metal packaging strap is used for strapping pipes, angle bars, metal blanks, ingots, metal products, and reinforcements. Steel strap may be used for packaging of timber and building materials - stone, brick, foam blocks, roofing materials. Steel strap is used for packaging furniture, furniture blanks, lumber, chipboard or wood fiber components and plywood. Fastening strap is used for group packaging of boxes, fastening coils, pallets. Steel packaging strap makes it possible to quickly and reliably fasten the cargo on pallets, platforms, and holds.

According to applicable standards, some goods can only be transported fastened with a steel strap. Metal packaging strap is traditionally used for packaging of goods in black and non-ferrous metallurgy, heavy industries, construction and other areas. Enterprises use metal strapes due to an indispensable combination of properties, a relatively inexpensive cost, simple requirements for packaging equipment and working conditions. During packaging cargo intended for export, the use of metal strap is simply a necessity, as this is determined in the regulatory export operations of international standards. The sealing of the metal fastening strap ends is carried out by metal clamp or with the help of seals using the rouletting method, as well as in a sleeveless way - with a self-tightening lock using the holes in the strap. It is possible to use hand tools and automatic machines metal strap sealing. Hand tools can be pneumatic or mechanical. The hand tool is a relatively low-cost solution that does not require high costs and high personnel qualifications. Automatic packaging machines allow fast and efficient packaging of cargo using the metal strap, ensuring high performance and uninterrupted operation.

The imported steel packaging strap, offered by the Skladpak company, is perfect for packaging goods, both manually and using automatic packing machines. The packaging of goods with metal strap ensures high safety of the goods during transportation, compliance of the packaging with the requirements of standards and, ultimately, competitive advantages in the market.

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