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Stationary and mobile equipment

This section presents equipment for manual and semi-automatic use. With the help of the given solutions, we can pack and fix products using the stretch film and polymer packaging straps.

The variety of packaging options and technologies comes down to one thing – the ability to provide your products with maximum protection and safety. The use of modern semi-automatic packaging equipment guarantees the transfer of goods to the consumer in the proper form.

After filling the pallet, it is necessary to fix the cargo. The type of fixation is defined by the nature of the product. Large units resistant to external influences can simply be tied with a packaging strap, and stretch film is implemented to ensure fastening, as well as safety of the cargo.

Types of equipment

The Skladpak company offers you professional equipment for manual and semi-automatic use.

Our suppliers

We have selected for our customers the best models presented at the market by the world leaders of the sector: Strapex and C-One companies.

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Strapex is a Swiss manufacturer who has supplied system solutions and services ensuring the safety of goods for various industries for over 25 years.

All the tools are designed for manual operation and simple usage. Training of specialist regarding operation of such equipment requires just a simple briefing – even a beginner operator can handle the job.

Efficient transportation and storage of goods is the key to productive operation of any company.

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C-One is a division of the Italian group of companies C & C Group S.R.L. It has supplied consumers worldwide with a wide range of equipment for packaging in the stretch film.

C-one division has been engaged in the production of electrical cabinets and programmatic support for industrial automation for more than twenty years.

Working in this area, the company acquired special know-how in the field of final production, especially in the field of automation of the packaging machine for pallets.

Related materials

“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

Nowadays packaging equipment is widely used by various enterprises.
Since packaging is an important stage in the production chain and warehouse processes, high quality packaging equipment is simply a necessity.
After all, the safety in the process of storing and transporting products depends on it.
Variety of technologies and machines are implemented to protect products from environmental exposure.
Nowadays, the automation of this process is greatly widespread.

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