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Filling machines

It’s not enough just to produce goods of high quality. It is also necessary to ensure a decent presentation of them to the consumer. The range of machines for filling and packaging goods, which is supplied by “Skladpaсk” company, ensures uninterrupted operation and guarantees excellent results.

All items and systems of machines are developed individually for each customer: the filling machine has a suitable design material, as well as the main and optional functionality. We supply two types of filling machines – automatic and semi-automatic.

Specialists of the company "Skladpack" not only customize and implement the system in production, but also ensure the full range of service maintenance throughout the use process.

Types of machines

We offer automatic and semi-automatic machines.

It is designed for packing products of bulk consistency in open and valve bags, boxes, as well as for filling and unloading big bags of various sizes and purposes (standard and dust-free).

Our suppliers

Our website presents filling machines that are produced by well-known European companies: the Swedish company Vebe Teknik AB and the Italian company Senzani Brevetti. These high-tech systems are certified and meet international production safety requirements and quality standards.

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The Swedish Vebe Teknik AB company is one of the permanent suppliers of packing machines for “Skladpack”. This is an engineering company with its own production and maintenance of machines for filling packages upon individual order.

With more than 100 years of experience, Vebe has accumulated solid knowledge, which nowadays benefits customers in 28 countries of the world. Engineering innovations, advanced product development and high-quality production allow the company to remain the leader in this area year after year.

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Our regular supplier of filling machines is the Italian company Senzani Brevetti. Senzani Brevetti manufactures automatic filling machines and complete systems for primary and secondary packing. Senzani Brevetti is an absolute leader in vertical carton packaging and is always up to date with the latest automatic packaging technologies.

The production of Senzani Brevetti began in 1953. At the moment, owing to the professionalism and constant perfection of skills, the company succeeds and supplies its products to the largest and most famous enterprises in the world.

Related materials

“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

Fast and accurate filling of the goods defines the success of the company’s operation. Whether it is a food production or the output of chemical products, it is important that the final product received by the consumer is in proper condition and its weight corresponds to the number indicated on the package.

Automatic units are suitable for operation on large enterprises, as filling in bags, cardboard packs is carried out in a fully automated mode. Bags, cardboard packs or rolls are fed to the conveyor from the finished magazine, filled and weighed, and then sealed.

At the same time, semi-automatic ones are used at the small and medium enterprises. The pre-packaging of raw materials via semi-automatic machines takes place with involvement of a person. The employees submit the bags to the machine on their own.

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