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Highly productive packaging machines

Machines for packaging – occupies one of the most important roles in production. Its stable, efficient, quality operation determines the safety, the appearance of the goods and will introduce your products in the best possible version with the help of the impeccable and lasting packaging.

You can purchase the most diverse packaging machines from us. The machines have various operation features, thus you can buy suitable machines depending on the production scale of your company.

Our managers select a suitable solution based on the specific requirements of your production.

Types of machines

“Skladpack” company offers various types of packaging systems based on the principle of operation:

Our suppliers

“Skladpack” offers our customers modern highly efficient packaging machines from leading manufacturers of the region:
Strapex, H.Böhl, Haloila, Lachenmeier, Area.

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Over more than 25 years, Strapex has been providing the market with system solutions and services for ensuring the safety of goods for various industries.

Strapex company is well-known and well represented in the global market. Its products are well known due to their reliability and practicality, proven over the years of efficient work.

“Skladpack” team along with Strapex specialists offer individual progressive solutions for your production.

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Our partner SPG Packaging Systems GmbH — H.Böhl is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling packaging machines. The company operates worldwide and is one of the leading suppliers in this sector.

Competitive advantage is the constant implementation of innovation to provide high quality products for customers.

Owing to the highly qualified staff and modular system of the machines, it is possible to meet all the customers’ needs in a highly flexible manner.

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HALOILA is a Finnish industrial company and our constant partner.

Haloila has more than 40 years of experience in the market. It is a recognized leading world supplier of fully automatic packaging machines. Over 5,000 fully automatic Octopus machines have been sold worldwide.

The company's operation provides a full life cycle of packaging machines: research and development, output to the market, after sales maintenance and improvements, as well as constant introduction of the new updates.

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Lachenmeier is an advanced manufacturer who is engaged in the intellectual manufacturing of modern packaging machines for pallet packaging at the end of the production line.

The company has been running for over 50 years since 1969. It is our key supplier for packaging machines with film for fastening cargo onto the pallets.

We rely on their extensive experience and completely trust in their products. Therefore, the needs and requirements of our customers are implemented in the best possible way, and they have no equal in reliance to flexibility and efficient maintenance.

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We are happy to present one more partner of “Skladpack” — Area company.

It has been operating since 1999 and every year it only expands its range of influence.

Over the years, owing to the great commitment and continuous development, it has taken the leading position in the manufacturing of horizontal axis stretch film wrapping machines.

Related materials

“Skladpack” company supplies a wide range of packaging materials. Only the best packaging materials meeting the international quality standards can be ordered from us.

The packaging machine is one of the most demanded types of industrial machines.

Thanks to a professional selection of machines, an individual approach to each customer, you optimize operation processes, increasing productivity. A great number of entrepreneurs have already been convinced in the profitability of investments in production automation. The proper quality of machines increases the productivity of operation processes: goods are being packaged more promptly and with a higher accuracy. Packaging machines speed up the packaging of goods, as well as perform additional useful functions. Their set depends on the customer’s request: you can add to the functionality of the weighing of the product, laying of the corner or the film. Such systems are an effective solution for any industrial sector.

Purchase packaging machines via our website at the manufacturer recommended prices and get the best solutions for your industry.

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